Projekti MAKERS i Dijalog za budućnost

The project (MAKERS) aims to improve social cohesion in partners' municipalities and cities, support and strengthen municipal and city public participation mechanisms, support community activism and strengthen young leaders in their communities and beyond, promoting joint action and common goals. The project goal will be achieved by working on several dimensions of social cohesion, the most important of which are: civil participation, trust in people and institutions, acceptance of diversity and solidarity, as well as volunteerism ...

Walk the Global Walk

The project is implemented through Global Citizenship Education (GCE), mobilizing young people as a catalyst for transformational change, localizing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and producing an innovative educational model, which addresses the complexity of the current global program. A transferable and pioneering model, capable of integrating, a new understanding of global issues related to migration, climate change and gender equality, will be adapted to formal secondary school curricula, as addressed in the 2030 Agenda.