Mayor Kordić at “University Art Colony”

The eighth "University Art Colony", which brought together around thirty local and international artists, was inaugurated on Tuesday night at the University Campus in Rodoč.

This year’s colony is held under the theme of “Awakening” to evoke a man’s deep desire to return to order, reawaken life after the coronavirus pandemic, and spring awaken nature.

The rector of the University of Mostar, Zoran Tomić, said that this is one of the two university galleries and that its space looks impressive to all critics. The second university gallery, he added, is the gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts in Široki Brijeg.

Mostar Mayor Mario Kordić said that he was especially glad that a ruined space was renovated into one of the most beautiful galleries in this part of Herzegovina, and said that he believed that next year, when Covid time is behind us, more space and more money will be invested in culture, which will certainly be visible on the field.

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