Croatian Consul General with Mayor Kordić

Today, the Mayor of Mostar, dr.Mario Kordić, received dr. Marko Babić, Consul General of the Republic of Croatia in Mostar,  in Mostar City Hall. Consul General Dr. Babić was interested in the situation in Mostar after the elections, the establishment of a new convocation of the City Council and the election of the mayor, as well as the work and plans and projects of the City Administration, about which Mayor Kordić informed him.  The Mayor informed the Consul General that the City of Mostar will allocate twenty thousand BAM from the Budget to support the construction of a school in Petrinja.

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Mostar Mayor and City Council Chairman receive OSCE delegation led by Ambs. Kavalec

The Mayor of Mostar, Mario Kordić and the Mostar City Council President Salem Marić received the OSCE Ambassador to BiH, Kathlen Kavalec and Head of the OSCE Mostar Office, Ioannis Piliouris at the City Hall today. Ambassador Kavalec congratulated Mayor Kordić and President of the City Council Marić on their election to the leading positions and emphasized the importance of conducting local elections in Mostar. She emphasized that the OSCE Mission to BiH, together with other representatives of the international community in BiH, advocated for the holding of the elections and participated in their implementation, said the Mostar City Administration.

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City Council adopts budget of the City of Mostar for 2021

The City Council of Mostar adopted today the Proposal of the Budget for 2021 in the amount of slightly more than 91 million BAM, as well as the decision on its execution. President of the City Council Salem Marić said that some new days have really come for Mostar. He expressed hope that the City Council together with the Mayor and the City Administration will have strength to finally send some nice messages and stories from Mostar. “Today we adopted two key decisions for the City of Mostar - the budget and the decision on budget execution. 

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Kordić condemns brutal behaviour of police officers and asks for suspension

The Mayor of Mostar, Mario Kordić on Monday strongly condemned the unacceptable behaviour of two police officers who physically assaulted a man during a curfew and demanded an urgent investigation and their immediate suspension.

"Regarding the CCTV video that appeared on social media last night, where we see two police officers hitting a man who violated the ban on movement during curfew hours, I strongly condemn the inappropriate behaviour and brutal behaviour of those police officers," it is said in a statement from Mayor Kordić.

Kordić, therefore, demanded an urgent investigation and sanctioning of the two police officers, who, he says, damaged the reputation of the police by their inappropriate behaviour.

The Mayor of Mostar also asked for their immediate suspension until the end of the investigation, as the incident caused a great deal of anxiety and condemnation of the citizens.

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Ambassador Hartmann in Mostar

Mayor of Mostar,  Dr.Mario Kordić, received the Ambassador of the Republic of Austria to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ulrike Hartmann, today. The Mayor informed the Ambassador about the initiatives he wants to implement together with the new City Council and that in the next term he wants to cooperate with the Embassy on specific projects, the City of Mostar announced. The Ambassador said that Austria is the largest investor in BiH, but that there are no significant investments in Mostar. They agreed that Mostar and the Herzegovina region have great potential,

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Representatives of Chinese CEATEC in Mostar

Mayor of Mostar, Dr. Mario Kordić received today at the City Hall a delegation of Chinese-European Agency for Technical and Economic Cooperation (CEATEC), under the Ministry of Trade, led by the President of CEATEC Shanghai, Chen Hui and representatives of the Association of Entrepreneurs of Herzegovina (APH), led by President Damir Vidačak. The meeting was also attended by Ivan Ljubić, acting Director of Mostar Airport. The topic of the meeting was better improvement of cooperation between businessmen from Mostar and the People's Republic

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